Champion Sound


Champion Sound is a Belgium based concept that serves as a platform for promoting talented beatmakers/producers. During our annual beat battle 16 Belgian beatmakers battle against each other by sampling/remixing a batch of tracks. The participants play the results battle style in a knock-out tournament. The beats are evaluated round per round by a judging panel. After the battle, a compilation is released with beats by all 16 producers.

Champion Sound Beat Battle winners:

  • 2013: Ashley Morgan fka LTGL
  • 2014: Freddy Bracker
  • 2015: Pippin
  • 2017: Corrupted
  • 2018: Susobrino
  • 2019: Susobrino
  • 2020: Fifty Hertz

It has been inspiring to see new and established names get out of their comfort zone to deliver exciting, new beats. The Belgian beat scene is thriving. Join Champion Sound on their nationwide journey, looking for the perfect beat!